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Urine leakage from the channel occurs in ~4% of patients and is independent of the tissue utilized. 1 A leaking Mitrofanoff channel has traditionally been corrected by revision or re-creation of the stoma altogether. We describe a minimally invasive technique with successful medium-term results in 50% of patients 1. What would cause this change (started yesterday)? 2. What symptoms happen if the tubing inside breaks (the sewn piece of bowel used to attach the bladder to the stoma opening)? (it's been hard and painful to cath last few days and when I last flushed the bladder with salin Leaking from the Mitrofanoff? This can happen, you must contact the hospital and you may need future tests and surgery. I am still incontinent between catheterising, why is this? If you have been dry, and you become incontinent again, this could show signs of an infection, poor bladder emptying or a change in bladder behaviour. You should contact a healthcare professional

opening called a stoma on the surface of the skin. The procedure was first performed in 1980 by Dr Paul Mitrofanoff. The channel is made out of the appendix or a piece of bowel and There was no leaking of urine by the stoma over the 4 hours of catheterization. CONCLUSIONS: Even though enterocystoplasty is the gold standard to increase the capacity of the neurogenic bladder, it has an elevated morbidity. So the use of a dilative ureter to increase bladder size and create a Mitrofanoff stoma in patients with neurogenic bladder, pop-off phenomenon, and renal ipsilateral atrophy could be considered by the laparoscopic approach (Malone) Antegrade Continence Enema (MACE) procedure creates a stoma with a channel through the abdominal wall into the colon to perform bowel washouts.  Channel uses ileum or appendix  Same principle as the Mitrofanoff, but tunnel is implanted into the wall of the ascending colon to facilitate emptying the colon

The Mitrofanoff procedure creates a channel between your bladder and the skin of your abdominal wall (tummy) You can pass a small tube (catheter) through the channel to empty your bladder The channel should not leak urine and avoids the need for a permanent ba Due to the type of tissue used for a Mitrofanoff with bladder augmentation or neobladder, there will be a build up of mucus within the urine which can also create stones. Infections can develop when there is low fluid input to flush the kidneys and bladder. This is why drinking plenty of water is vital. Urinary tract infections can also occur when the bladder is not fully drained and incomplete emptying of all the bugs the bladder produces. Poor personal hand and catheter hygiene can also.

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Leaking can occur via the stoma which can be due to a non-functioning valve, a small bladder or high-pressure bladder. This can be assessed by a non-invasive test called urodynamics. Stones can be produced within the bladder when the bladder is not fully drained and there is incomplete emptying The Mitrofanoff procedure also known as the Mitrofanoff appendicovesicostomy, is a surgical procedure in which the appendix is used to create a conduit, or channel, between the skin surface and the urinary bladder. The small opening on the skin surface, or the stoma, is typically located either in the navel or nearby the navel on the right lower side of the abdomen They do not need to wear gauze or a dressing over the stoma. There should be no urine leaking from it. </p> <h2>Tell your child's other doctors that your child has a Mitrofanoff</h2> <p>Tell all the doctors who take care of your child that they have a Mitrofanoff. You should also tell the school nurse

Urine leaking from your urethra or stoma, which hasn't happened before Never leave catheterisation for longer than four hours during the day. Your bladder may overfill and there is a real risk that it could burst if you have also had surgery to your bladder neck A mitrofanoff procedure involves using the appendix to create a continent stoma for emptying the bladder. Through this opening, the bladder can be catheterized. The appendix tube connects the exterior wall of the bladder to the belly button or newly created stoma. This allows a person the independence of cathing themselves. After the surgery, a horizontal line along the length of the. Leak in the ureteric MC could not be commented upon in two other patients whose skin stoma had stenosed due to non-usage. The advantage of not reimplantating the refluxing ureter used as MC is twofold—first, it prevents vascular damage to the ureteric segment being used and second, it retains a virgin uretero-vesical junction which would remain patent in spite of non-usage In general, the risks of the Mitrofanoff procedure include those of any surgery, such as infection, redness, swelling, bleeding, reactions to the anesthesia or failure of the operation. During surgery on the bladder, urine can also leak into other areas and cause some irritation. Mitrofanoff operations also carry several unique risks. Since the appendix is being partially detached and moved, there is a low risk of internal bleeding. It is possible that after a Mitrofanoff there may be.

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The appendix or a small piece of intestine can be used to make a tube that connects the bladder (Mitrofanoff / Monti-mitrofanoff) or bowel (ACE - antegrade continence enema) to the abdominal wall. This forms a continent stoma (one that doesn't leak) and allows a tube to be passed to drain urine or to give an enema. This allows children who would otherwise be incontinent to be clean e.g. with severe constipation or a neuropathic bladder of stoma due to stenosis or kinking (n=4) and closure of stoma due to troublesome leak (n=2). Children and parents were satisfied with the results of the operation and the majority was compliant with regular CIC. All children were socially well accepted and those above 6 years of age were attending regular school. Conclusions: The Mitrofanoff procedure is a feasible and acceptable option, with.

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The Mitrofanoff was developed to permit bladder drainage where voiding or urethral self-catheterization is not possible. For a patient, the procedure enables them to maintain dignity and means that there is no need to have an indwelling catheter or wear a stoma bag. In simple terms, a Mitrofanoff procedure: Creates a channel into the bladde Mitrofanoff-Stoma von Ringelblümchen » Do Jun 25, 2015 9:04 am Hallo, ich suche Erfahrungen mit einem Mitrofanoff-Stoma. Meine Tochter (4) hat eine Blasenfehlbildung, die operiert wurde. Dann gab es 2,5 Jahre keine Probleme und nun hat sie seit März den 4. Harnverhalt und den 4. Harnwegsinfekt.. To create a Mitrofanoff, the surgeon will make a narrow tube using a piece of your appendix. If you do not have an appendix, your small bowel will be used. The narrow tube is sewn to your skin. The opening is called a stoma, and it is usually placed in the belly button, making it fairly inconspicuous. If the appendix is short in length or the. A Mitrofanoff procedure, or Appendo Vesicostomy is a surgery that creates a catheterizable channel, an alternative to cathing through the urethra. The channel goes from the bladder to the abdominal wall, usually through the belly button. For me it's really a lot easier, it's a lot safer, I get a lot less infections with the Mitrofanoff. Sometimes I'll still feel a little bit of pain.

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Bladder augmentation and Mitrofanoff. Bladder augmentation (also known as a cystoplasty) is an operation to enlarge the bladder using a piece of the body's own tissue. This is usually the large or small intestine, but the ureters or even the stomach can be used. After the operation, the bladder will be unable to squeeze and empty normally as. Below are a few of the questions I asked about the Mitrofanoff procedure: Where is the stoma placed? My urethra wasn't damaged (this can cause the catheter to come out easily or leak urine). 5,11 I wasn't showing signs of cancer. So, in my doctor's opinion, having the surgery might prevent future health problems. It's difficult making these big decisions. So I waited until my self. Sollte eine Katheterentleerung über die Harnröhre nicht möglich sein, kann die Harnblase über einen operativ angelegten künstlichen Zugang (Mitrofanoff-Stoma*) entleert werden. Selbstständigkeit: Um eine Überdehnung oder ein Einreißen des Darmanteiles zu vermeiden, muss die augmentierte Blase zuverlässig, selbstständig und regelmäßig mit einem Katheter entleert werden The ileal stoma is usually located in the right flank At our institution, the Mitrofanoff technique is used whenever possible (, 7). With this technique, the cecal appendix, which is anastomosed to the reservoir at one end and to the navel at the other, is used as a mechanism of catheterization (, Fig 2,). At multidetector CT, the reservoir usually appears to be partially filled by.

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Urinary stomas Exercise 2 Risks associated with catheterisation vesicostomy or through the umbilicus via a Mitrofanoff stoma. Urethral Catheterisation- Intermittent Urethral catheters may be inserted each time the bladder requires emptying and then removed following completion of drainage. Research evidence associates this method with the least number of complications and lowest risk of. Mitrofanoff Stoma von Mama-Maren » Mo Aug 06, 2018 10:46 am Hallo Zusammen, mein Sohn (7) hat im April ein Mitrofanoffstoma bekommen. Das Kathetisieren lief nach der Heilung auch unproblematisch. Für die Nacht lege ich ihm einen Dauerkatheter, da er nachts im Schnitt 1 Liter Urin verliert. Mitte Juli wurde das Einführen immer schwieriger und dann ging gar nichts mehr. Er würde dann. Mitrofanoff stoma (urine) Nefrostomy (urine) Ureterostomy (urine) Coffey-stoma (urine) Vesico stoma (urine) Malone procedure / cecostomy (colonic irrigation) Gastrostomy (PEG) (feeding stoma) Jejunostomy (PEJ) (feeding stoma) Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) (feeding) Tracheostomy (opening in the wind pipe) Liver stoma (Bile flow stoppage) Ileo Pouch Anal Anastomosis (IPAA) The pouch (IPAA) is. DOI: 10.1089/VID.2014.0020 Corpus ID: 73405602. Injection of Leaking Mitrofanoff Channel with Bulking Agent: A Minimally Invasive Technique @article{VenugopalSuresh2014InjectionOL, title={Injection of Leaking Mitrofanoff Channel with Bulking Agent: A Minimally Invasive Technique}, author={VenugopalSuresh and MangeraAltaf and MolokwuChidi and R TophillPaul and ReidSheilagh}, journal={Journal of.


Hi there I am new to this. Have a question about flange to skin. I have been leaking at night like crazy. it pulls off in the middle of night no matter what i do, paset or no paste. any tips? im concerned my stoma doesnt come out far enough to. The edges of a sunken stoma need to be built up to form a seal to prevent stool or urine leaking and causing erosion of the skin, If the stoma does not protrude above the skin, Get the right type of ostomy skin barrier, and why, First,The skin around a stoma may become inflamed (red, hypergranulation tissue, paste, Choose another issue. Troubleshooting Ostomy Leakage 3 mins readIf you notice. The two most common complications of the Mitrofanoff operation are leak from the stoma and non-catheterizable channel. Recent reports describe an overall complication rate of 6.2%. Others have reported stenosis in 10-23% and incontinence in 2-7% cases. Revision of Mitrofanoff stoma was required in 16-20% cases Pouch I mit kutanem Stoma angelegt, bei 20 dieser Patienten handelte es sich um eine Konversionsoperation. Ein Colon-Conduit bestand bei 8 Patienten und ein Ileum-Conduit bei 6 dieser Patienten. Ein Patient hatte eine Ureterocutaneostomie, drei Patienten eine Blasenaugmentation mit Ileum, und bei zweien war ein Mitrofanoff-Stoma zum CIC der Blas if the stoma is leaking. ACE stoppers maintain the patency of the stoma if the catheter insertion is difficult or the site closes in between catheter insertions. Stoma Locations: Stoma Locations. 1. Caecostomy This procedure is used to create a tract directly into the caecum to connect it to the abdominal wall to perform bowel washouts. 2. Ace Antegrade continence enema (ACE) procedure creates.

The patient had a prior ileal conduit and the stoma is starting to close. A. Use CPT® Code 50727 Revision of urinary-cutaneous anastomosis (any type urostomy) or CPT code 50728 Revision of urinary-cutaneous anastomosis (any type urostomy); with repair of fascial defect and hernia. It will all depend on the supporting documentation. Q. Can I charge for supplies used during surgical procedures. The Mitrofanoff procedure has an early reoperation rate for bleeding, bowel obstruction, anastomotic leak or conduit breakdown of up to 8% and the most common long-term complication noted is.

Both Anderson and Wagner caution that Mitrofanoffs can leak at the stoma, and the conduit can develop stenosis (meaning the passage starts to close or closes). Anderson also stresses that there is no standard, sure-fire surgical way to provide continent access to the bladder. All surgery can create new complications, and the Mitrofanoff is a surgical treatment option that is still in. The Mitrofanoff principle involves the creation of a conduit going into a low pressure reservoir, which can emptied through clean intermittent catheterization through an easily accessible stoma. A variety of tissue segments have been used for creating the conduit, but the two popular options in current urological practice remain the appendix and Yang-Monti transverse ileal tube. The. Happy me. But exhausted beyond belief and a little out of it. Zzzzzzz TO CATHETERISE A MITROFANOFF STOMA Insert the catheter into the Mitrofanoff stoma. Slight resistance will be felt as the catheter enters the bladder through the anti-reflux valve. Gently advance the catheter until urine starts to drain. Allow the urine to drain into the toilet or a receptacle

catheter or wear a stoma bag. What is a MITROFANOFF • Creates a channel into the bladder • A catheter is used via the channel to empty the bladder. The purpose of this operation is to form a channel between the bladder and the wall of the abdomen to allow intermittent self-catheterisation ie, drainage of the bladder. The Mitrofanoff is preferentially made from the appendix (or small bowel. The Mitrofanoff procedure is different from a suprapubic catheter. Mitrofanoff Procedure: Surgical procedure that uses the appendix or part of the colon to create a self-sealing channel or passage from the surface of the abdomen to the bladder. Used for intermittent catheterization - a catheter is inserted as needed to drain urine and then removed. The catheter drains urine into the toilet. Devices that have a double function: the first is to close the stoma in the event of a leak, between uses and the other of the washing catheter; moreover they keep the stoma open if the insertion of the catheter is difficult or if the site tends to close. The ACE Stopper caps are indicated for patients with anterograde colonic (ACE) wash, in case it is necessary to close or keep the stretch.

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Das Mitrofanoff-Stoma heißt im Prinzip, dass eure Kleine sich dann anstatt über die Harnröhre über den Bauchnabel abkatheterisiert, über einen aus dem Bauchnabel mit der Harnblase adaptierten Stück Darm. Allerdings kann es auch dabei zu Stenosen (Verengungen) Vernarbungen etc. kommen, die letztendlich entweder dazu führen, dass der Pat. ausläuft od. es ebenfalls zu einem Harnverhalt The mucus can either leak out of your rectum and anus or build up into a ball, which can become uncomfortable. The pattern of rectal discharge varies in each individual. Some people experience episodes every few weeks, while others experience several episodes a day. Many people find that the most effective method of managing rectal discharge is to sit on the toilet each day and push down as if.

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Keywords: Continent stoma, ileocystoplasty, Mitrofanoff, monti0 , serosal lined trough, ureterocystoplasty. How to cite this article: Sammour MT, Ajjaj AB. MONTI as continent catheterized stoma using serosal-lined trough Ghoneim Abolenin technique in ileocystoplasty. Urol Ann 2011;3:33-5 : How to cite this URL: Sammour MT, Ajjaj AB. MONTI as continent catheterized stoma using serosal-lined. Mitrofanoff USA. 61 likes. Group for adults and parents of Mitrofanoff users. This support group has been set up to supplement other Mitrofanoff groups

Mitrofanoff Pre-Operative Care [PDF]• Passing the catheter into the Mitrofanoff can sometimes cause this, stones and some episodic stenosis, 1 of 5 , Mitrofanoff can leak at the stoma, please contact the ward or your nurse specialist for advice, the Mitrofanoff channel remains functional for long periods without sustaining structural damage I have a reconstructed bladder that empties through a stoma via a mitrofanoff. My bladder has also been enlarged and the urethral tract tightened to prevent urine leaking, but unfortunately last year this failed and I started to experience the inevitable. At the time, I didn't realise that bladder leaking can weaken the skin. It was last October when I noticed that my skin in the perineal.

Das Mitrofanoff-Stoma ist ein sogenanntes kontinentes Stoma. Um einen Zugang in die Blase zu bekommen, wird der Blind-darm als Kanal zwischen Bauchwand und Blase eingenäht. Für die Urinausscheidung wird mit einem Katheter der Urin regel-mäßig über das Stoma aus der Blase abgelassen. Eigentlich gibt es nach Anlage des Stomas keine Ein- schränkung. Das Stoma bleibt auch beim Sport trocken. The piece of ileum from the small bowel forms a urinary stoma. Mitrofanoff: This is a surgically created channel/tube using the appendix or a piece of small bowel between the bladder and the abdominal skin surface. A valve is created to prevent urine leaking out through the stoma. Malone: The appendix is brought out onto the abdominal wall and a small stoma is created with a valve to stop. a mitrofanoff vesicocutaneous catheterizable stoma did not describe the actual mitrofanoff procedure and did not refer-ence it, perhaps because the original publication was in French. However, this technique was widely described in the English literature by many authors. Reviewing these publications could prevent the misnaming of the procedure described in the article. The authors also. Mitrofanoff-Stoma 7.2011 Loch am Herzen. Nach oben. Laura Nitsch REHAkids Urgestein Beiträge: 2260 Registriert: 11.07.2007, 10:39 Wohnort: Hankensbüttel. Beitrag von Laura Nitsch » 29.07.2011, 17:49. Hallo Julia, ich habe seit 2008 auch ein Mitrofanoff-Stoma. Bei mir wurde ziemlich viel Dünndarm genommen, und der Blindarm für den Ausgang genutzt. Danach hatte ich ziemlich lange dünnen.

18-02-2014 Spoelen Mitrofanoff stoma: 3 (van 3) Hanzehogeschool Groningen SAVK 22-6-2015 c Laat de katheter met een lichte druk naar binnen glijden, tot er urine komt. d Laat urine uit de blaas aflopen in het opvangbakje. Indien er geen urine afloopt: breng de katheter nog iets verder in of oefen een lichte druk uit op de blaas. N.B. Let op de reactie van de cliënt bij het aflopen van de. Mitrofanoff procedure (umbilical stoma) Leaking: sling, collagen injection, Botulinum toxin. Mitrofanoff. Long term uro outcome Cost effectiveness of renal function monitoring unclear Not cost effective to do cytology or cystoscopy screening Long term ICP with ++ inflammation or ileal pouch augmentation may be at risk Case series of bladder ca in young MM J Pediatr Rehabil Med. 2013;6(3):155. Der Erleichterung des IK können Harnableitungsverfahren mit kontinentem Stoma (z. B. Mitrofanoff-Stoma, Monti-Stoma) dienen. Bei der Langzeitbetreuung sind aufgrund der entwicklungsbedingten Variabilität der Blasenfunktionsstörung vor allem im Säuglings- und Jugendalter engmaschige Verlaufskontrollen sinnvoll, um Änderungen des Störungsmusters nicht zu übersehen. Eine sensible Phase. ileum has been used as a perineal Mitrofanoff stoma for patients with urinary incontinence of congenital origin.[11] We have successfully used the Monti tube for posterior urethral substitution in boys.[12] It is more difficult to bring the appendix to the perineum based on a single blood vessel. It was easier to bring the appendix to abdominal. Mitrofanoff Monti our innovative devices have a great bearing on the patient's quality of life. 3 | medicina oma devices medicina ace stoppers Medicina Ace stoppers are small implant grade silicone plugs that are used to seal stoma sites at various parts of the body. They are soft and comfortable and come in a variety of lengths and shaft diameters depending on the size of the stoma. They.

There was no leaking of urine by the stoma over the 4 hours of catheterization. So the use of a dilative ureter to increase bladder size and create a Mitrofanoff stoma in patients with neurogenic bladder, pop-off phenomenon, and renal ipsilateral atrophy could be considered by the laparoscopic approach. Figures; References; Related; Details; Cited By . The Lancet, Vol. 390, No. 10099. (62,2%) um ein Mitrofanoff-Stoma. Bei 38 Kindern (46,9%) kamen beide Stoma-Formen zum Einsatz. Die MACE-Stomata wurden zu 95% aus der Appendix und seltener aus Zökum-Anteilen gebildet. Zur Anlageder Mitrofanoff-Stomata wur-den in je rund 45% der FälledieAppendix bzw. das Ileum herangezogen. Im Studienkollektiv traten- mit einem Abstand zur Operationvon durchschnitt-lich 24,2 Monaten- 48. Results: There were 9 males and 5 females. Type of bowel for stoma creation included 12 appendixes and 2 small bowels. All patients had significant leak per stoma and were candidates for revision Mitrofanoff continent urinary diversion & MACE procedures. 53 patients incl. 27 spina bifida, 10 paraplegia, and 4 tetraplegia . stoma-related complications 36%: mostly stomal stenosis. median time to the first complication: 9 months. Women had more complications than men and umbilical stomas fared worse than those on the abdominal wall Mitrofanoff procedure: creating a catheterizable stoma. A Mitrofanoff procedure, or Appendo Vesicostomy is a surgery that creates a catheterizable channel, an alternative to cathing through the urethra. The channel goes from the bladder to the abdominal wall, usually through the belly button. The Mitrofanoff was our choice

Introduction: Patients who are unable to perform intermittent self-catheterization may undergo continent catheterizable stomas using the appendix (Mitrofanoff Appendico-vesicostomy) •1980 Dr. Mitrofanoff -trans-appendicular continent cystostomy and bladder neck closure Slow to acceptance until Dr. Marc Cendron translated French paper for Dr. John Duckett) Farrugia MK, Malone PS. Educational article: The Mitrofanoff procedure. J Pediatr Urol. 2010 Aug;6(4):330-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jpurol.2010.01.015. Epub 2010 Feb 25. Review. PubMed PMID: 20188633. 1981 Dr. McGuire. The Mitrofanoff procedure, in a nutshell, involves the creation of a channel between the bladder and the surface of my skin. The channel is created using an unlikely hero, the appendix, which has been repurposed from uncool, rejected vestige organ to nifty pee tunnel. I am overjoyed that my appendix finally has its moment to shine. It told the others it would be famous one day! The opening on.

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  1. imize the incidence of this well recognized complication, which typically occurs at the skin level, we incorporated a V-shaped.
  2. Urostomy - UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Due to the changes in your body following surgery, there is higher risk for urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI is very common for patients who have a urostomy, we have drawn up a leaflet about some of the Signs and symptoms of UTI when you have a urostomy. UTI information
  3. Amplatz sheath as a temporary catheter through the mitrofanoff stoma. (Figures 2 and 3). This maneuver reduced operative time and the need for repeated stone retrieval. The entire procedure was performed by a single surgeon. On the first attempt the procedure took four hours and rendered the patient completely stone free. She was discharged the next day on 5 days of oral ciprofloxacin therapy.
  4. Her stoma has started leaking, but she is working with her doctors to get the issue resolved. However, Natalie says, As of right now, when it's working, I love it. Everyone I know that has had it too would recommend it, but people should know there are risks to this surgery too


  1. At first, things seemed to be going well at first with Natalie's recovery after her Mitrofanoff surgery. I was going almost four hours in between cathing by Christmas time, but then, out of nowhere, the stoma started leaking badly. I began working with my doctor to figure out the issues, Natalie recounts
  2. Although this is a bowel management web site, we know that bladder surgeries are usually performed right alongside bowel surgeries and that parents and adults have a lot of questions about their options. Below is a brief overview of the most common surgeries to give you a background for speaking with your urologist. The Mitrofanoff procedure
  3. Urine does not leak out of the stoma. Usually, the surgeon makes the stoma under your tummy button (navel) so that it doesn't show under clothes. You'll meet the specialist nurse before the operation to talk through best place for your stoma. Once it's decided they'll mark the spot on your tummy to guide your surgeon. After surgery. When you wake up from surgery you'll have a lot of.
  4. The Mitrofanoff procedure also known as the Mitrofanoff appendicovesicostomy, is a surgical procedure in which the appendix is used to create a conduit, or channel, between the skin surface and the urinary bladder. The small opening on the skin surface, or the stoma, is typically located either in the navel or nearby the navel on the right lower side of the abdomen Brooke ileostomies are.
  5. A continent stoma is a small tube made out of appendix, bladder, or intestine that connects a small opening on your abdomen to the bladder. You can insert a catheter into this opening, access your bladder, and drain the urine. The continent stoma has a biologic valve in it to prevent urine from leaking. You may meet with a
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The Mitrofanoff stoma can be placed low down below the level of most underwear or sometimes it can be bladder in a way which means it should not leak urine. Some people also have their bladder made bigger at the same time as having a Mitrofanoff stoma made (see separate information sheet on bladder augmentation). *این وبلاگ شخصی است و مطالب فقط با ذکر منبع Stenosis of urostomy stoma; Urostomy stomal stenosis; ICD-10-CM N99.538 is grouped within Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG v 38.0): 698 Other kidney and urinary tract diagnoses with mcc; 699 Other kidney and urinary tract diagnoses with cc; 700 Other kidney and urinary tract diagnoses without cc/mcc; 791 Prematurity with major problems; 793 Full term neonate with major problems; Convert N99. The entire sling was then rotated and previously described our experience with augmentation and 15 a Mitrofanoff stoma the ends of the sling sutured with 2/0 expanded PTFE (Gore-texTM, WL Gore (sigmoid clam cystoplasty in seven, ileocaecal polypropylene to the pectineal ligament Associates, UK) bladder neck slings in substitution cystoplasty in two and (Fig. 1). achieving continence in these.